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Market Robbery Shootout in Tennessee

17 Mar

Uploaded on Mar 17, 2011

A wild store shootout unfolded on camera, inside the very close quarters of the Lewis Street Market in Nashville where the store clerk attempts to fend off the robbers. The gunman, Narrell Pierce, fired a total of about three rounds at the store clerk. No one was shot, but you’ll be amazed that it didn’t end in tragedy.

It started when two guys walks into the store then pistol whips the clerk badly (censored for youtube so it won’t get flag then the gunman hears the other employer. He goes after the other employer where the shootout begins. The first round barley misses the clerks head by a few inches. His employer craws to the back room during the shootout while the intruders run out the front door, one of them firing two quick shots as they exit.
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